Ultralina Jolie

Ultra Urban Village Surrey

What happens when a condo ad designer has a fetish for Angelina Jolie but doesn’t have the budget to hire the real Girl Interrupted? Before you can say scrap the concept, somebody goes off and finds a look-alike.

This is the story of Ultra Urban Village, a “futuristic” new high-rise condo coming soon in “the new heart” of Surrey. It’s a text-book case of condo marketing stupidity that privileges a near-glimpse of a woman’s crotch over actual information about the property for sale.

Oh, condo marketers, why do you keep doing this to yourselves?

Please. Make my blogging difficult.

12 Responses to “Ultralina Jolie”

  1. Dan Says:

    This blog’s great. Love the humor!!

  2. el_bubb Says:

    omg… that’s a one unprofessional poster.
    Contradicting ideas (futuristic & vines),
    Windows of a building are completely skewed,
    The girl is missing the back part of her skirt,
    The choice of colors is crap, no contrast no nothing,
    And coma looks like a guillotine blade…

  3. The AP Says:

    I love the use of quotations. It makes the whole thing seem like an “in-joke”.

  4. Swirlyman Says:

    I suppose in this marketer’s vision of the future, women’s skirts will only cover the front — and then just barely.

  5. jesse Says:

    I’m no style aficionado but that outfit is sooo 1982…

  6. Bimmy Says:

    Yeah, The AP. I was laughing so hard (on the inside) when I first saw this ad (with the “futuristic” in quotes) on Skytrain.

  7. WoodenHorse Says:

    This development is shilled on AM 1130 every three minutes as far as I can tell.

  8. solipsist Says:

    but that outfit is sooo 1982…

    I was thinking 1962. Is that Twiggy’s grand-daughter?

  9. jeff Says:

    I think that technically makes her skirt an apron.

  10. rob Says:

    but come on, at least gradients are futuristic, right? right?

  11. Justin Says:

    Well it must of worked since the tower is basically sold out now…

  12. K4T3R1N4 Says:

    The back of her skirt isn’t missing, it’s tucked into her panties. This girl is waiting for her “boyfriend” on the corner of 133rd & 104th. And it’s not Twiggy’s grand-daughter… The style is crack whore chic and it’s all the rage in Whalley.

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