The price of priceless

Sheerwater Kelowna

Noticed a few fewer scooters in the real estate ads lately? Yeah, me too. One of the big shifts in Vancouver condo marketing is the emphasis on “recreational retirement properties” from outside the Lower Mainland.

I’m an urban guy and I like to keep an urban focus but the marketers have so heavily infested the Vancouver media with ads for “heartland” properties that I have no choice but to start making fun of them.

Sheerwater is a gated lakefront community in Kelowna. The developer is an outfit called The Mission Group. It’s unclear if their marketing is done in house, or if a hired gun has been brought on board to finish the score.

Not that that really matters. Only a true real estate marketer could have the courage to call a property both “priceless” and “starting at $750,000.” Yeah, thanks for the heads-up on that. Good thing to know priceless has a price.

And what’s with the Rob Lowe dude on the boat? It’s Westbank not West Wing, fellas. Forget appealing to the young urban professionals whose resumes include time serving under President Bartlet. Oh, what, I’m supposed to see a tie-in to the lakefront because Lowe’s character was named Seaborn? Give it up.

6 Responses to “The price of priceless”

  1. aetakeo Says:

    Their symbols look like wash labels. You know: wash cold, dry low, bleach is okay.
    Not marketing to those who have done their own laundry successfully, I suppose.

  2. solipsist Says:

    I like the whirlpool in their corporate graphic. It reminds me of, oh I don’t know, money down the drain perhaps?

    Sheerwater. Is that a typo for Shearwater? I don’t know. Are they expecting floods?

    Reminds me of Blackwater – and I don’t mean the Doobie Bro’s tune. There’s mercenaries in them thar hills – amongst the pines. Speaking of which, the photo looks as if the pine beetles have hit there.

  3. Darius Says:

    Beerwater, drink it in. Intoxicting location, sobering price…this is way too easy

  4. Ken Says:

    Everything posted here is negative (I’ve only been reading for a few months). Are there any ads that is in your opinion “well done”?

  5. greg Says:

    Sweeping up from the water’s edge? Sheerwater?

    So now you basically market a cliff front property as a lakefront property? WTF?

    Is that a picture of the shoreline on the property? looks a bit steep to me.

  6. condohype Says:

    Hi Ken. This is a comedy site. If it’s laughable, I write about it. Other stuff, that’s what the comments section is for. I encourage you to post links to what you consider “good ads” so they can be discussed at large.

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