Cooling the heat of the hype

City Point Surrey

I can’t help but wonder if the humiliation Platinum Project Marketing Group has suffered because of this blog has influenced the way they do business. Their most recent condo marketing work — like this campaign for City Point as well as another Surrey project called Morgan Crossing — is much more restrained than what we’ve seen in the past.

Don’t get me wrong, the exuberance is still there but it’s far less interested in being totally outrageous. For example, this ad for City Point with its basic negative-art design and limited use of adjectives, is near revolutionary in its tameness. At least by Platinum standards anyway.

Remember, it was only a few months ago that saw Platinum pitching the d’Corize condo in crime-plagued Whalley as a “majestic landmark” in Central Surrey’s “most desirable neighbourhood.”

I’m happy to see Platinum layoff the superlatives for City Point even though it makes it harder for me to make fun of them. At the end of the day, it’s always good to see the condo marketers learning from their mistakes. (Granted, there is something funny about Central Surrey being positioned as the “hottest condo market” even though the real estate sales numbers probably back that up as truth.)

Wait, a second — condo marketers learning from their mistakes?! Could it really be true? Wowsers. What’s next, a market crash?

Fingers crossed, bears.

5 Responses to “Cooling the heat of the hype”

  1. bcj Says:

    “Two rising concrete towers”?

  2. VicREBear Says:

    Citypoint will make condo history!

    “Condo history”? Is there such a field? Maybe I’ll get a PhD in “Condo history” and do my thesis on Citypoint, the first Vancouver condo to become history before ground was broken.

  3. aetakeo Says:

    Better than two falling concrete towers.

  4. The AP Says:

    I actually got my B.A. in Condo History from Phoenix International City University, which by the way offers a great 2 year VCR-maintenance diploma.

    For the 500 bucks I paid via paypal, I’d say it was worth it. They sent me a compact disc with Photoshop 4 on it and a really cool Condo-Marketing style book.

  5. Real Estate Attorney, Miami Beach FL Says:

    We see the same “upscale” marketing for new projects being built in depressed areas. It usually ends up that instead of providing some much needed average housing in those area, which people are always willing to pay for, the developers price the properties very high, in order to guarantee that nobody could accidently consider it “low-income” housing. As a result, all the average working class people are forced to move out of these “upcoming” neighborhoods and live farther away, and now it is often difficult for businesses to find working-class people to hire, because there is no housing for them in the area.

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