Trashing Tamarind Westside

Tamarind Westside

This ad for the Tamarind Westside condos in Abbotsford has it all. It really does. Bad fonts and bad copy. Mention of an investment opportunity. Priority pre-registration. Flowers. A woman having an orgasm in an open field.

The condos might start at $119,900 but this marketing is priceless.

What’s the deal behind the Tamarind Westside? Here’s the story straight from the project’s official website copy:

Tamarind Westside is a hip enclave of 188 unique, urban-style condos tucked away in a private corner of a contemporary neighbourhood on the west side of Abbotsford.

The location offers conveniences at your doorstep with amenities just a quick stroll away — including a fitness centre, Starbucks, and a diverse array of other vibrant restaurants and businesses.

The freeway access is incredible… just a one minute commute to the Mt. Lehman interchange and you’re on your way!

Hip enclave? Urban-style? Starbucks as an amenity? Wow, I don’t even have to write a punchline this is such comic gold.

My personal favourite?

“One minute commute to the Mt. Lehman interchange.”

I thought Rennie gave us big laughs with one minute from Vancouver. Sorry King Bob. You just lost the comedy crown.

17 Responses to “Trashing Tamarind Westside”

  1. solipsist Says:

    But when are they going to build the Macaroni? That would be a hip endive.

    I really dig the woman having kegel contractions in the glade. Easy on the wasabi next time.

  2. dingus Says:

    Kegels? Perhaps. Personally I thought she had just taken a bullet in the back.

    Tamarind? Abbotsford? How about A1 steak sauce.

    Seriously, this is the second Abbotsford ad now. Is Abby really turning into the new hip urban enclave? I should take a drive this weekend. It’s got me curious.

    On second thought, nah, it’s too far.

  3. Mark Says:

    65 kms from downtown…. how hip.

  4. jasmine Says:

    Tamarind is an asian spice. I looked it up! I love listening to all the critics who think they know everything… Get a life…. really!

  5. vineland Says:

    “A woman having an orgasm in an open field.”

    More like praising God for the wonderful real estate find (in a field that will no longer be a field once the building is built).

  6. nicole Says:

    I think the thing that bugs me the most about this one is the stock illustrator brush stroke used next to the logo. puke.

  7. n Says:

    i think you guys are pretty pathetic because I think theyve done a really good job advertising..maybe a little jealous cause u cant cough up enough money to invest? haha suckers. its a good investment..just watch.

  8. buyer Says:

    i bought one, these condos are nice

  9. condohype Says:

    “I think theyve done a really good job advertising..maybe a little jealous cause u cant cough up enough money to invest?”

    Jealous and Abbotsford? Yeah, that’s it.

    Thanks for coming out.

  10. luongo Says:

    I live in Abbotsford this is a great investment. 10% down and wait 2 years for the construction to complete. By that time the value of the condo will appreciate, not by the 10% you put down but the full 100% which makes it a wise investment. This condohype guy has no clue of what he’s talking about. I’ll tell you a bit about Abbotsford.

    -5th largest city in BC and one of the fastest growing in Canada
    -Abbotsford’s airport is international providing relief for YVR and is the 6th busiest airport in Canada
    -major projects in construction: community centre, entertainment & sports centre, cultural centre, and new hospital and cancer centre
    -near the US border

    These projects along with others will create a demand for new housing in Abbotsford. Someone would be an idiot not to consider this.

  11. bj Says:

    west abbotsford is a hole.

    The prices are dirt cheap, but then again, you will need bulletproof skin. Yes, abbotsford is trendy and hip, but you need to be on the mountain side (east). Otherwise, just live in surrey, and knock a half hour from your commute.

  12. jim Says:

    East abbotsford is the crappy side, this is on the very west end of abbotsford, it’s an awesome location. Not everyone commutes to vancouver you know, people who work in abbotsford, langley, and aldergrove need places to live too.. I would never live or work in Vancouver.

  13. jim Says:

    Also, what is the point of you questioning the one minute commute to the mt lehman interchange, that is accurate as hell and not at all misleading… I doubt it would even take that long, unless you count the time from when you leave your door, all the way through the building, parking garage, and driveway.

  14. Gerald Says:

    Great condo’s. Probably the best in Abbotsford and the only ones on the westside.

  15. Live the subsidized lifestyle « condohype Says:

    […] reassure buyers that there’s nothing to fear about buying a condo. Now Tamarind Westside, the “orgasm-in-an-open-field” condo is offering two years of mortgage payment […]

  16. BJC Says:

    I always get a kick out of the fact that Abbotsford, while still a 604 area code, is actually long-distance when calling from Vancouver. Never mind the commute…

  17. who gives a crap Says:

    what are a bunch of vancouver snobs doing commenting on an abbotsford condo…dont they have enough entertainment in the promised land??

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