Taste of Ginger

Ginger Chinatown Living

What better way to celebrate Labour Day than to reflect on the “work” put into the marketing for the Ginger condos in Vancouver. This is a development, as the developer puts it, of “zesty homes in Chinatown, a playground rich with history, bustling with energy and loaded with worldly pleasures.”

That this ad is themed around exoticism and food shows the limited imagination of marketers when it comes to “ethnic” marketing. This brand is superficial at best, bigoted at worst. They might as well take it one step further and give a discount if you own a Jeep Cherokee.

Could there not be a different way of thinking about Chinatown beyond cliches about the piquancy of Chinese cuisine?

Let me put it this way. Would you think it appropriate to brand a condo Tandoori? How about Gefilte? You see where I’m going.

Congratulations, Porte Development Corp. You just got your first taste of condohype. Now what’s that you say about liking it spicy?

14 Responses to “Taste of Ginger”

  1. solipsist Says:

    “You just got your first taste of condohype. Now what’s that you say about liking it spicy?”

    condohype is saucy with hints of sage and dill. A unique plum finish will render one speechless, and savouring for more.

    If the CONdo hordes want to co-opt a culture to sell their junk, how about The Screech – as a hat tip to our own Newfoundlanders?

    Oooh. Now I’m going to photoshop that…

  2. Si Fu Says:

    I could see a development in Surrey called tandoori or golden temple, and the fact is that people buy into the eastern exoticism hype. Why do you think the town on Saltspring is called Ganges? All those old hippies can’t be wrong…Surrey BTW was probably named after the region in the UK to attract newcomers who bought into the English country lifestyle :). Nothing new under the sun, eh?

  3. P P Says:

    Hmm it seems they forgot the picture of the asian woman in a tight chinese dress (cheong sam)…

  4. Viscera Says:

    While I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment of this offensive marketing ruse, as just today I recoiled in shock upon seeing it on the cover of some condo-magazine while simultaneously wondering whether petite Cheong-Sang clad ‘Oriental Beauties’ have been hired by Porte Development to offer complimentary fortune cookies to every prospective purchaser who walks in the door, I can’t also help but wonder if you realize the degree of irony you present with your OWN version of self-aggrandizing language.

    To wit, “Congratulations, Porte Development Corp. You just got your first taste of condohype. Now what’s that you say about liking it spicy?” Grand words indeed from the writer of a blog with such a VAST following of commenters. I can only IMAGINE how Porte Development must be quaking with ill-concealed fear and shame upon reading your scathing review! Heavens, there actually might be a person (or two) out there who actually cares enough to comment! After all, the Condohype comment activity to date CERTAINLY demonstrates that you are well on your way to becoming at least as popular as cat poop.


    Live the dream, my friend. Live the dream.

  5. greg Says:

    Personally, I never thought of the area around the Sunshine Market, on Powell St, on the fringes of Chinatown, as a zesty playground.

    There may be a few “loaded” pleasures on easy offer, down at Funky Winkerbean’s, just a stagger away…

    Never thougnt of the roaring traffic down 1st and pacific corridor as “bustiling with energy”… maybe choking on exhaust.

    Ah yes chinatown, the eastern kitsilano in waiting.


  6. the AP Says:

    the gastronomization of real-estate marketing, I love it, but I have to wonder, what if they were marketing towards a demographic which consisted primarily of “British-Canadians”?

    “Some like it Salty, you like it Oily”

    yum. I’ll take it as long as I get a free pub pie and a case of Guinness.

  7. greg Says:

    Oooh, viscera,

    that was almost as bad as sticks and stones. Ouch, poor condohype, I’m sure he dreams of toppling the stainless towers of condo capitalism with his revolutionary diatribes, while getting gigahits from many adoring fans.

    Ooohh, can’t see why he didn’t gingerly handle portly pleasures with kid golves. Simply terrible that anyone at such an educamated ad house could take such offense to such meagerly circulated chidings.


  8. Ulsterman Says:

    Viscera – what’s with the handle? Intestines? Organs? What? That aside, i rarely read this blog and have noticed the lack of comments – however, lack of popularity does equate to lack of insight or quality.

    The venom in your attack clear demonstrates that the knife cut a little close in this instance. No one with a modicum of wit (whether you were involved in the copy writing or not) could fail to find the language used in these adverts preposterous. The entire market is caught up in bubbly hype that is making even relatively sensible people believe that “this time it’s different” and that all previous business models of boom and bust have been set aside.

    Why would it be different now? Do you know how many other cities have had the Olympics? It hasn’t made them all experience permanently escalating housing prices. People just cease to think when they get swept along in the mania of crowds.

  9. J Ben Says:

    Perhaps Viscera has no idea about how the internet works… I read this often… until now I have never posted. Information out does not need comment in to validate it. My guess would be that such a negative comment back actually DOES indicate that what was said was worthy of saying… things that truely miss the point are seldom attacked.

  10. Johnny33 Says:

    “Worldly pleasures” is that a new massage parlour in Chinatown?

  11. kenady Says:

    I also read this blog often. I’m just not a poster. Great commentary on condohype. Always enjoy reading it. don’t know what’s up with Viscera. But as J Ben suggests, Viscera’s nasty response is ultimaltely a compliment. Keep up the good work condohype!

  12. KL Says:

    Oh please, stuff it. It’s eye catching, colorful and fun. They are trying to sell condos and they will definitely succeed using those ads. Good for them. They’re probably a lot more successful than you are, considering you seem to have the need to anaylse everything to death from your political high horse.

  13. eddie coupon Says:

    KL, you stuff it. This blog is a joke and the marketers are the punchline.

  14. Rod F. Says:

    “Good for them?”

    How can one possibly fight the mentality of someone who will stick up for Goliath? Well, it’s your world, baby – you’re going to get everything you ask for, just keep up the good work.

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