Controversy at Olympic Court

Olympic Court | 10289 133rd Street, Surrey

An open letter to the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games:

Recently I came across a very informative page on your website detailing the urgency of protecting the Olympic Brand. I found it interesting to learn of the many legal and trademark protections designed to prevent unauthorized association with the Olympic Movement.

A brand, Olympic or otherwise, is an important business asset. Companies that fail to protect their names and marks may very well see their brands hijacked by competitors, or worse. One can only imagine the implications of, say, a blogger with negative sentiments whose writing about condo marketing consistently comes up higher in Google than official condo websites. But I digress.

I write today to alert you to a residential development named Olympic Court at 10289 133rd Street in Surrey. Based on my understanding of Olympic Brand guidelines, I fear this development may be infringing on the trademark rights of VANOC and the International Olympic Committee. I am informed by this language in the Olympic Brand FAQ:

Businesses that began using the word “Olympic” (or similar terms) in their names or marks after January 1998 without the permission of VANOC, the COC or the IOC will be required to change their names and marks and stop using all symbols that suggest a connection to the Olympic Movement.

In order to allow for a truly impartial investigation, I leave it to VANOC to identify the particular aspect of this development which may be deemed to contravene brand protection guidelines.

In the spirit of 2010,


5 Responses to “Controversy at Olympic Court”

  1. scoop Says:

    I give it 10 days for the site to be shut down. I’m going out on a limb here, but judging solely by the quality of the web site I would guess that the marketing people did not think to get VANOC’s prior permission.

    And I don’t think it can be written off as an innocent mistake when the (error-ridden) copy begins with “Golden opportunity…” Not that it would matter much as VANOC would shut them down regardless of intention.

  2. jwepo Says:

    Brilliant post.

  3. solipsist Says:


    The Prado ripped off El Museo Prado in Madrid too, but I was too fatigued to really care.

    It would be a laff (sic) ti see VANOC go after these guys (can I write VANOC?).

    Olympic gold, silver, bronze, black and blue, 2010, games, fun. Sue me.

  4. Real Estute Says:

    VANOC must desire the negative press they usually get with their controlling ways. It inspires me to want to screw with their so-called word property. Would love to take on Furlong in a fight.

  5. jesse Says:

    What has happened to other “Olympic” infringements? The Olympic Pizza/Pasta place on Denman is still open, rings and all. Is litigation outstanding or were lawsuits quietly removed?

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