Commute time like never before

Collage | Urban living like never before

Any time a condo marketer pitches a property as unique, consider it a red flag. If you’re looking for a garden of red flags blowing in the wind of the hucksters’ hot air, then Collage in Burnaby is the place for you.

Urban living like never before. That’s the tagline for these “contemporary and stylish urban residences.” That’s some claim. I guess the folks at Polygon would have us believe that these are the first two-bedroom apartment homes in the Lower Mainland.

Polygon would also have us believe in its bizarre form of condo transit math. Commuting estimates always warrant special attention when they come from condo pitchmen as best demonstrated by Bob Rennie and the infamous “one minute from Vancouver” campaign for OMA. For Collage, we’re told that a trip to downtown Vancouver via the Millennium Line is accomplishable in “just ten minutes.”

Well, this might be true if the Millennium Line ran into downtown, but if you’re heading westbound from Brentwood Station, the route actually ends at Commercial Drive. When you get to the transfer station at Broadway, prepare for a heavy sprint to Expo Line platform a half-block away, and then hope you make a perfect connection and don’t have to fight to fit into the overloaded train car.

Any expectation of pulling this off during rush hour will ensure only one thing: You’ll be late for work like never before.

One Response to “Commute time like never before”

  1. Anne Haywood Says:

    Hey, I was actually falling for some of this hype (being a snow bound Edmontonian) and coming out to look at different communities in N.W. and Burnaby with the idea of moving there. Thanks for your efforts – keep it up.

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