Prado imperfection

Prado | The Model of Perfection

Why be a fashion model when you can be a condo model?

Models are all the rage in condo marketing these days. Pulse in Kits launched with Topless Babe in Shades, Grand Central Coquitlam made its mark with Woman in the Golden Gown, and now Prado gives us this gift for gazing eyes.

Looking beyond the socially constructed hottie brought to us courtesy of the Appia Group of Companies, let us consider what a Prado home is supposedly all about:

A home modeled on perfection, finished with exceptional quality, central to all that is important, and destined to impress. Prado. A reflection of you.

The marketing-speak in play here is truly awesome. Prado isn’t just a Richmond condo across the street for Lansdowne Centre, it’s modeled on perfection. In short, it’s an embodiment of excellence sure to invoke envy of the highest order. Obviously there’s no way the developer can live up this “commitment” in any plausible sense. It is so vague as to be meaningless, yet it exists for all to consider.

Why does advertising insist on being so useless? And not to leave consumers off the hook, why do so many consumers accept it without challenge? Personally, I’d love to have buyers take on the marketers to defend their claims. If you happen to find yourself in the sales centre, ask the nearest available agent for their take on Prado’s “destined-to-impress” attributes.

Bonus points for any response containing references to countertops and soaker tubs.

8 Responses to “Prado imperfection”

  1. solipsist Says:

    What’s with the weird stains on her skin? Is it shriveled from too long in the soaker tub? Radiation burns from the stainless steel appliances (or would those be APPIAnces?)

    And why is she holding her arm like that? Did she fall against the SeizureStone counter top, after slipping on the laminate flooring, and sustain injury? Does she need medical attention?

    That is a really bad photoshop job in general. I hope they pay more attention to the construction. Build something that they can be Prad o’.

  2. Gwen Says:

    “Prado” is the word that shows up on designer fakes you find in NYC instead of “Prada”. It’s the only thing I can think of when I see this condo’s name!

  3. M- Says:

    “finished with exceptional quality”… So in other words the countertops and paint may look good, but it wasn’t quality-built. Just quality-finished…

  4. BlacknBrownOut Says:

    I think the colour depth was reduced — that kind of banding happens when the algorithm tries to merge colours together smoothly without having enough choices to fall back to.

  5. mk-kids Says:

    lmao solipsist, build something they can be prad o’ ! thats a groaner for sure…

    i’d like to suggest another little gem for condohype to take the piss outta, you’ll find it at

    apparently “the height of living… for the upwardly mobile” is 10 feet. that seems rather disappointing don’t you think…

  6. aetakeo Says:

    I think y’all have missed that this is a Model Home. For you to keep your models in, whether they be fashion, train, or economic. This is why it is “central to all things important”. Your model of the universe or your model of the divine is what is intended to live here: the most important model you have.

    Perhaps those are model trains.

    You’re not supposed to live there, (you filthy heathens), unless you’re particularly… um… solipsistic.

    Whoa. It’s a SIGN!

  7. SoldTooSoon Says:

    This seems an UNDERstatement for altolife’s website, but it contributed absolutely nothing by way of information concerning this latest hyped-up project: “110 Unique Residences with 10 foot ceilings…!” This type of advertising is bound to backfire. “Does Size Matter?” It SHOULD, when they reveal the cube size living spaces they are bound to come up with. “Are you high?”—just how much does one have to smoke to fall for this crap? All the website turned out to be is a front for priority registration. Total garbage that absolutely put me off!

  8. NewfBC Says:

    Re: altolife… being in the West End, the statement ‘Power of 10’ may have a different meaning to the average West End resident (and yes, I identify with those residents!). That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the statement.

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about. Too bad. 😉

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