House of Jackson

Jackson House at Brentwood Gate

Because nothing says “pedestrian-friendly” like a condo steps from Lougheed Highway, Ledingham McAllister brings us Jackson House at Brentwood Gate.

Here’s the ad’s spin:

Nature and fine living are combined to create the latest work of art in the Brentwood Gate collection. This is Jackson House. A selection of craftsman-inspired four storey residences nestled among a long established traditional residential community.

Nestled? That’s a friendly way of saying it.

According to the developer, Brentwood Gate is inspired by the Group of Seven. I’d say a more true inspiration is the Jackson 5. I’m thinking of Marlon, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Michael all stuffed into a two-bedroom fighting over who gets first dibs on use of the soaker tub.

I imagine there’d be a lot of fighting going on, probably because of the disappointment that comes with dropping so much cash on a home that considers “built-in closet shelving” to be a special feature. Or maybe tensions flared over whose towel gets to hang off the “polished chrome towel bar.”

For more entertainment, go to and check out the features list for Jackson House.

8 Responses to “House of Jackson”

  1. jesse Says:

    I’m hoping for Cosby House. I’d love to live in The House of Cosbys.

  2. Viscera Says:

    Oh, YES! I’d like first dibs on the Theo floorplan with the Rudi upgrade package! And I’d like Bill to call me with cute quips about affluent African American families every DAY please!

  3. Patiently Waiting Says:

    I drive by that everyday, and just shake my head that anyone would mortgage themselves to the teeth to live there. If you are going to get stuck, at least make it somewhere a bit nice. The greenery portrayed in the pictures is a lie.

  4. kasia Says:

    I know it’s fussy of me but I can’t help pointing out that this copywriter doesn’t seem to have a clear grasp of the English language. You can’t have residences nestled among a community – they can be nestled *among houses within* a community or nestled *among communities* (that’s stretching it) but the way he/she phrased it just doesn’t make sense. (Love your blog, btw!)

  5. buddy Says:

    Wow. Sure glad they spent the extra money on sprinklers. Not many new apartments have that.

  6. raerae Says:

    What I love is that they demolished a whole lo of trees in that area that the crows used for their roost. If you ever drive by there around dusk in the summertime the whole construction site is black with crows! They move a little further south in the winter (BCIT area) – nevertheless those poor suckers who bought will have the deal with loud crows on top of the highway and skytrain noise.

  7. David Says:

    Speaking of the trees, Raerae ought to have seen the developer’s website. I haven’t checked it lately, but at one time it said “great care has been taken to preserve mature trees”. (I just checked it again, yep, it still has that statement under “Overview – Community Plan”.) I laugh every time I read this, because their meaning of and “preserve” must be “raze 99%”. The little bit they “preserved” is limited to a tiny bit on the north-east corner of the property, which had some of the newest growth of the entire site.

    If they are using “preserve” in the generally accepted usage, then “great care” must mean “little if any attempt”.

    And “bye bye” to all the blackberry bushes that used to line the lane!

  8. Peter the Great Says:

    I noticed that buyers are starting to dump their assignment purchase as the move in dates approach. Is that how the general market is going or just here?

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