Highland evolution

Highland Park at Morgan Heights

I often think of advertising as a kind of cultural vampire sucking away at the body of knowledge and meaning. I look at this ad for Highland Park at Morgan Heights and I’m left dizzy trying to make sense of what it means. Consider:

Highland Park at Morgan Heights. A place to flourish. Life is about to evolve around you.

West Coast architecture in a park-like setting inspires newfound freedom. Artfully designed, these spacious 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes feature clean lines to encourage uncomplicated living. Beyond your front door, a growing community beckons.

Such a flurry of flowery words only fuels my lack of understanding.

What life is to evolve around me? What is a park-like setting? Is a park-like setting similar to a wood-like floor? How does a park-like setting inspire newfound freedom? What is newfound freedom?

How is the property artfully designed? How do clean lines encourage uncomplicated living? What is uncomplicated living? Is my current living complicated?

How does a growing community beckon?

If there’s a front door, does that mean there’s a back door?

One last question. Where is Morgan Heights? Considering you haven’t mentioned it, I’ll take a guess. It is… Surrey?!?

Funny how silence can speak volumes.

8 Responses to “Highland evolution”

  1. M- Says:

    I’ve never understood why there are so many condo marketers that don’t bother mentioning where the development is. Do they really want to hide the fact that the development is in Surrey, or Coquitlam, or wherever? Are the communities so horrid that they don’t want you to know where they are? If you really think the community’s so bad, you wouldn’t go there anyway after calling them up to find out where the heck it is anyway…

    …Unless in their magical condo-obsessed world they expect everybody to know which development is called “Morgan Heights”.

  2. Jeff Says:

    These real estate “Marketing Specialists” have lost their grasp of reality. Your post was perfect! Seriously, I could create an advertisement for Morgan Park or any other new development that said (as an example)……”one bedrooms $300,OOO, 2 bedroom $400,000” and the place would sell out. Can you imagine the group of rocket scientists sitting around the board room table coming up with that text for the advertisement they created. But hey, what do I know, after all….this growing community is beckoning……ya.

  3. vineland Says:

    If you drive by the new area, you will see why they have to spruce it up with so many words. I was detouring off 32nd Ave (in Morgan Heights) and accidentally came apon this moonscape. There are a bunch of leveled fields with excavators and dump trucks (my son’s comments) on them, the only hint that it is to be a housing development is the sign. Conveniently there is a Home Depot rising out of the dust on the corner. So that is why the community is going to evolve around you, I guess. Right now nothing is evolved, or alive in the vicinity.

    Parklike setting? Whatever. It used to be farmland, the surrounding area is hobby farms – but Parklike? not yet.

    Morgan Heights. If you have ever looked at a hospital lottery Dream Home, nine times out of ten it is in Morgan Heights. The land of over-sized houses. It is the Non-White Rock south Surrey neighbourhood. Across the Highway (no. 99) from White Rock – a nice – in a ‘Stepford Wives’ kind of way- neighbourhood. I have never heard of anyone being anything but proud of being from South Surrey (far enough away from the rest of Surrey to be to be smugly immune from ridicule). Seriously, I can’t think why a developer wouldn’t advertise it as a South Surrey neighbourhood.

  4. Johnny33 Says:

    “clean lines to encourage uncomplicated living”

    Well hell i’d want uncomplicated living, coming home after spending an hour in the tunnel on my commute home from Vancouver.

  5. Hypester Says:

    The reality is that a new group of “sheep” show up everyday to buy these 400k to 600K “plywood palaces” in what was once a “cow pasture”. With views of Home Depo, soon Costco and Super Store, all across the street. God , I’d hate to be living in this new South Surrey “Hood” in 10 years. But then that goes for 90% of the crap developers are flogging in the GVRD . All the while, the media , realtors , CMHC experts and all with a vested interest in making a buck try to keep the baloon inflated by hyping Vancouver real estate.

  6. Surrey4ever Says:

    It’s funny how everyone tries to bash Surrey with idiotic comments. Just because you live in Vancouver in your 300 sq ft. rat hole that you paid half a mil for doesn’t mean your superior than us, while we will enjoy a short train ride to vancouver without worrying about traffic or parking then going home to our 1500 sq ft. home which we paid half as much as you…..

    and by the way we probably makes twice as much as you and work less

  7. Tom Says:

    Haha, I had to laugh when I read these posts.
    Surrey4ever, you actually hit the nail on the head. I agree that the wordy advertisement is a bunch of B.S., but that’s how everything goes these days. Are you actually going to hold it against the builder for trying to hype up their development?
    And yes, there is a lot to desire about the area, quick access to HWY 99, 1/2 the price of Vancouver garbage, good shopping in the area.
    I can understand the previous comments if you come from a one horse town, but I’m guessing since you’ve all driven by the area, you like in Vancouver and wouldn’t know what an actual “yard” is.
    p.s. Some people actually have jobs in Surrey and don’t need to commute to Vancouver.
    Help make the internet a smarter place by staying off of it please.

  8. Bo Says:

    Hahaha..so the same old anti real estate wannabes are slamming the “burbs” and anyone that wants to do something with their lives other than live in that toilet that never flushes “Vancouver.” Listen up bumbaleenas..I grew up on Kits Beach and the west side..and you could not pay me to live anywhere near that freak show..or anywhere in the “urban” hip and cool aka uber elitist Hollywood stylized special interest group driven toilet for freaks, slackers, bums, druggies, perv’s, criminals, and assorted underachievers..yikes!!! I live it in the berbs..and LOVE IT! Its like it used to be (only better) when I was a young person in the fifties in Vancouver..friendly, clean, low traffic, fantastic neighbours, almost no crime whatsoever, cleaner air, the ocean-parks..everything right at my doorstep without the freakshow..and the cost/taxes..etc. etc. etc.

    So, the next time any of you want to slam the burbs or those that are making a living out here, or raising families etc. think again..look in the mirror in your glass house (if you own one) and think of us poor suburbanites with our acerage by the ocean living our sad little lives in paradise..lol! Adios..

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