Oh that building

South Granville Lofts | Vancouver BC

Yeah, it’s the one that isn’t sold yet. I am of course talking about South Granville Lofts, Rennie’s offering of “true loft living” at Sixth and Granville. Unlike much of what we see advertised these days, this baby’s not a pre-sale. That’s right, it’s built and ready for occupancy. It could be yours, provided you have a big enough suitcase to carry all the cash you’ll need to pay for it.

Can you imagine yourself in this mecca of “soaring” ceilings and “galleryesque” interior spaces, as the marketer describes? I can’t, but only because I don’t know what galleryesque means.

Rennie et al. have put together a jazzy little website for these envy-shacks complete with “funky” music. The music is totally superficial in its relationship to the neighbourhood. Face it, there’s no confusing “hipster Kitsilano” for Motown.

You know, I’ve never really understood why the condo marketers put such short music samples on their sites, and then run them in endless loops. I can’t see any buyer visiting for more than a minute not being supremely irritated by the blips and beeps of condo pop.

11 Responses to “Oh that building”

  1. Juliet Says:

    On the media page, you can read about how life is ‘sitmulated’ by the area, or some such thing. Can you provide a definition of this, perhaps? Is it the feeling you get when you realize you’ve spent a small fortune on a 700 square foot box?

  2. Juliet Says:

    Ah, sorry, it’s ‘sitmulated’ by design. I should have known.

  3. jesse Says:

    Does the “no GST” mean that if you owner-occupy for 6 months you don’t pay GST like every other development, or is there really 6% off the price?

  4. solipsist Says:

    “never really understood why the condo marketers put such short music samples on their sites”

    It’s because the cheap bastidges don’t want to pay royalties. It’s a take, take, take mentality.


    By-the-by, I thought that we were running out of land. They blew off 4 expensive CONdo’s with that gap-like-a-missing-tooth on top.

  5. ouch Says:

    $800k+ before getting a place to put a bed? $1k++/sq.ft. for a single room with an unfinished, maybe 2 foot over norm, concrete ceiling?! Rennie avoids all the original plus point of lofts, offering the worst aspects at multiples of sensible loft pricing. Nicely done.

  6. gas Says:

    I don’t know what celings means.

  7. WoodenHorse Says:

    solipsist: I agree…..Bastidges!

  8. condohype Says:

    What a gas. Thanks for the free copy editing.

  9. ThePope Says:

    I’ve spent some time in that building – my favorite thing about it (aside from the ‘cozy’ dimensions of a narrow room with windows at one end) is the bus loop located directly outside the windows. Every 10 minutes or so the building shakes and a blast of diesel exhaust comes up as a bus heads off the granville street bridge. As long as you really crank up the ‘funky’ music its ok, but then again I never tried to sleep there.

  10. notimetoeat Says:

    No kitchens in some of the units? Gee thanks, where’s that mircowave and mini fridge from college.

    I didn’t need to eat anyway, gotta run to the second job.

  11. disappointed Says:

    I have always wondered about “oh that building” and was sorely disappointed when i actually took the time to stop by, find parking and check it out. Must have been one of the coldest buildings ever been in. Plus I just hated, hated the labyrinth to follow to get to anywhere! I can just imagine, bad day at work, its pissing rain, and then you have to fight through the damn maze to get to your front door and to top it all off once you walk in the door, there’s no food or a bed to sleep!

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