Kerry quite contrary

The Kerry | Kerrisdale

Can you believe this ad for The Kerry in Kerrisdale? I don’t even know where to begin describing this embarrassment. It’s as if the condo marketers are begging to be made fun of. Honestly, this looks like a rejected publicity still from an Enrique Iglesias music video.

But maybe that’s the point. You see, Enrique Iglesias is the son of the highly successful singer Julio Iglesias. If it weren’t for Daddy J, Enrique probably wouldn’t have made it. I suspect the same applies to any thirty-something buyer of a Kerry home.

Unless they’re backed by a mammoth down-payment from a parent, Vancouver’s top-tier upper-income thirty-somethings probably can’t even think of a property like this. The pricing here isn’t simply on the high end for young professionals, it’s completely and absolutely out of their scope. (Even Vancouver’s high earners will tell you that the salaries in this market are garbage.)

Time for a song. Hit it Julio:

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breathe away

Breathe? Oh dear.

10 Responses to “Kerry quite contrary”

  1. bils Says:

    i sense some severe jealousy here pal.

  2. condohype Says:

    You’ve got me figured bils. If only I took more singing lessons, maybe I’d be a star too. Thanks for the post.

  3. PMV Says:

    Seems like the photo accurately portrays the result of owning one of these properties. Drink your pain away!

  4. el_bubb Says:

    I can be your hero baby
    I can kiss away the pain
    I will stand by you forever
    You can take my cash away.

  5. dingus Says:

    Swiftboating this one, are ya?

  6. jesse Says:

    This gives new definition to the term “hot property”. Giggity giggity.

  7. Lex Says:

    nice one pmv! they can’t even afford clothes for her anymore. if she’s not buck naked the marketer, “ken leong”, is definitely alluding that she will as soon as her man polishes off his wine. .

    seriously it’s time to ban the use of quasi or blatantly naked women (rennie) in condo ads. it is an all out assault on good taste.

    My question is, who is the guy that looks at this ad and says to himself “Because of this ad, I am going to buy a Kerry a condo”. I guarantee that that guy is a total cheeseball and cheeseballs to that degree are rarely in the position to purchase two million dollar condos.

  8. CSG Says:

    20% down is 6300$/mo. Assuming you want to keep this at 30% of gross, you need to make about 18K a month, or nearly 200K a year. For the townhome. Given Vancouver salaries, there are certainly a number of 30 something MBAs, MDs or double income professional couples who could therefore afford it. Whether this represents good **value** is another question altogether.

  9. aetakeo Says:

    $260,000 down payment? Yep, got that in my back pocket. Lots of forward thinking masters students coming out of university (with no student loans) are getting right into high paying careers and making sure they’re spending within their means and socking stuff away. Not, say, throwing their earnings up their nose and taking trips to Europe?
    Why bother being wealthy, I wonder? Now you have to serve your jail time – if you’re Paris, not if you’re Libby, obviously – and you’ve got to restrain your 28 year old urges towards Louis Vitton and Armani and Jags and designer drugs in order to sock away enough down payment to get into a TOWNHOUSE in 5 years, without even a patch of lawn and tomatoes to call your own – and if that’s 2 people making that income, you’d better not breed and have someone go off work for awhile! Damn damn damn. Sucks to be rich.

    I guess I’m glad I’m not. Phew!

  10. mk-kids Says:

    i was rolling my eyes yesterday at the rennieads for the fairmont pacific rim… a number of the pics on the sidewalk boards are of beautiful, half naked women in come hither poses – i was thinking it was marketing for the man who plans a mistress. there also appeared to be a pic of banff maybe. okay fairmont has a hotel in banff i think but what does that have to do with the hotel they’re building here in van? a view of banff from van? wow, that would be quite the view…

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