Breathe at Melville

The Melville Landmark Series | Vancouver

Vancouver condo marketers continue to showcase their asinine approach to the English language with The Melville Landmark Series — an “exclusive collection of signature residences” now erected in downtown Vancouver.

Starting at $950,000, The Melville is certainly intended for the well-heeled, though not necessarily the well-read. According to the ad, The Melville’s penthouse and eight signature residences offer views guaranteed to take your “breathe” away. (Click the ad for an enlarged view.)

Now I assume the marketer meant breath, but who knows? I’m not really in the demographic for this sort of property so perhaps throwing on the extra “e” is part of a secret language understood by the wealthy.

Kudos go out to Anson Realty, The Melville’s exclusive marketer, for the bonus vowel. In business since 1980, Anson Realty describes the key to its success as “the commitment of our well-trained and dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals….to deliver the best possible market results.”

I’ll let you be the judge on their commitment and dedication to proofreading.

3 Responses to “Breathe at Melville”

  1. Priced per letter Says:

    Indeed, even our game shows place a higher value on vowels, which have to be purchased as opposed to the free consonents. Ever stay at the CrownE Plaza? Nice hotel.

  2. T.K Says:

    How do you maintain such a consistent and unwavering commitment to cynicism?

    It must require an immense amount of dedication.

  3. solipsist Says:

    Now I assume the marketer meant breath…the extra ā€œeā€ is part of a secret language

    Akshully, the copywriter had it right this time. The need to breathe is obvious with every breath we take – or more reasonably, that we fail to take. I hope that the suckers who buy into the Mellonville take a deep one before the plunge.

    Don’t mind my pedantry.

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