Hell within reach

Esprit 2 | Highgate Village, Burnaby BC

Esprit 2 from Bosa Properties is the second tower of the Esprit development in Burnaby’s Highgate Village. The marketing campaign is anchored in a single image of a young model dwelling below a stormy cloud of consumer goods drawn in a clip-art motif. Each item is in itself a shorthand for the empty “lifestyle living” that defines Vancouver condo marketing. I can’t see how anyone looking back on this in a generation isn’t gonna laugh their pants off at this silliness.

Perhaps more silly is the suggestion that Esprit 2 is “sensibly priced.” Advertised at $377,900 and up, Esprit 2 is difficult to accept as an example of “affordable” accommodation. But never mind that. Trust the marketer. At Esprit 2, you can “dwell within reach.” Barf.

Here’s some more insight into this masterpiece straight from the pitchman’s pitch:

Personal style is the centerpiece at Esprit 2. Interiors have been designed leaving nothing to be desired; from a kitchen friends will envy, to lavish baths that welcome relaxation. Two sophisticated finishing palettes of warm wood floors, natural stone countertops, light or dark oak finishes and accents, and sculptural contemporary fixtures provide the perfect backdrop for your life.

So glad that my friends will “envy” the kitchen and that the “sculptural contemporary fixtures” will provide a “backdrop” to my life. Thank goodness. I would hate to have to define my personality by being me. Let the drywall do the talking and all will be fine.

11 Responses to “Hell within reach”

  1. jesse Says:

    Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. As is pride.

  2. Real Estute Says:

    …my friends will envy the kitchen… There it is again, another suggestion that by buying the product, you will be “better” than your friends. The Marketing team has identified that lifestyle is competitive. It must be concluded that winning or staying head in this competition is important to the target market demographic.

  3. babybull40 Says:

    I have to say that the art work is quite dizzying to the eye.. The affordability is ridiculous and also makes one question Why?..

  4. ThePope Says:

    Its not just esprit its esprit squared!

    Apparently a good lifestyle requires not one, but THREE volleyballs.

  5. buddy Says:

    how exactly can two options of finishes be considered “personal style”?

    You’re either personal style “a”, or personal style “b”. Just like everyone else in the building.

  6. el_bubb Says:

    that tilted cup of coffee above her head is freaking me out.

  7. Deedub Says:

    “…friends will envy.”

    At the end of the day, that really seems to be the common thread running through most of these campaigns. I know we’re social animals and all, but this does seem to take definition-through-others to a bit of an extreme.

    Plus it looks like she’s growing a beanstalk out her neck.

  8. K4T3R1N4 Says:

    Are those all the things she’ll have to pawn to make her monthly mortgage payment?

    4 digital cameras, 3 volleyballs, 2 bass clefs and model in a clip art tree.

  9. ADM Says:

    You failed to mention that the Highgate development used to be called “Middlegate Mall”. I guess Middlegate wouldn’t justify the prices…

  10. Sue Says:

    You sad people, just because you can not afford a place, you don’t have to be so negative.

  11. LUXURY Says:

    All those who cannot AFFORD IT, can sit there and write their “HATER” opinions. It’s quite sad actually how you have to write opinions about a place that you can’t live in.

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