Market correction

Crescent West - Click to enlarge

In the 48 hours since I took them to task for their deplorable copywriting, the folks behind Crescent West have taken action. Ladies and gentlemen, it is confirmed. The developers are reading condohype. Click on the image to view a full-size screen capture. What was once a cradle of mistakes is now error-free.

4 Responses to “Market correction”

  1. maikopunk Says:

    Phew – the developer figured out how to use spellcheck. Now, build me that reflective space for my private moments. Oops, I’m a bit short. Is that where flexibility to “my individual needs” comes in?

  2. Real Estute Says:

    I prefer the bad spelling and chair than the sight of those cramped homes that must include at least 300 sq feet in just stairs alone.

  3. Paul Says:

    Yes, the developers seem to be reading. Polygon must be pleased. Despite the enormous amount of co-opted aboriginal drivel they shove to market, they seem to be off your radar.

  4. EEMA2 Says:

    I also challenge you to find the site on Mapquest. In other words, thier map is inaccurate.

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