Consider this a divorce

The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia

This ad for The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia is the defining portrait of the failure of the Vancouver dream. Look closely. This is the new Vancouver.

The perfect marriage. An ideal pairing. A beautiful melange of historic elegance and ultra contemporary design. Announcing The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia. 155 luxurious condominiums in a sleek 48-storey tower united with a totally restored and extensively renovated dazzling world class hotel. In the heart of Vancouver. Delightfully cosmopolitan. Deliciously exquisite. Decidedly exclusive.

It’s stuff like this that makes you wonder if the Anti-Poverty Committee is on to something. Only it’s not just the poor that are getting forced out by this wave of real estate mania. It’s anyone who has to work for a living.

The most sickening message of all this condo hype is how home ownership is positioned solely as a lifestyle choice. To the condo marketers, it’s as if the only thing stopping people from owning a home is a matter of taste. It’s the Pepsi Challenge played out in a different product category. The ultimate message is those that don’t buy don’t buy because they don’t have good taste.

The perfect marriage? An ideal pairing? You need it to live in Vancouver. And by perfect and ideal I mean a marriage arranged to allow for maximum access to wealth. And even then, it might not be enough to afford a closet. But then again, those people probably don’t have good taste.

Have a great weekend everybody.

7 Responses to “Consider this a divorce”

  1. Real Estute Says:

    I have often wondered if the number of childless couples in our lower mainland area has increased to due crazy RE values. This ad and most others seem to be offering homes to luxurious lifestyle-oriented young couples.

  2. jesse Says:

    God, that guy is one LUCKY priest. Amen.

  3. solipsist Says:

    She looks to be in need of a chiropractor. Or a proctologist.

  4. duran Says:

    It’s amazing how young those models are. Seriously. How many couples, that age, could honestly (and I mean honestly, because there are a lot of people with dishonest careers in Vancouver) afford a place at the Private Residences without a sizable inheritance or daddy’s/mommy’s generosity. There is certainly a limit to the number of people in this city with that kind of money… I think, soon enough, we’ll be hearing about this limit when a correction occurs.

  5. Lex Says:

    more like the “perfect mirage”.. . zing.

  6. el_bubb Says:

    Jesse, Catholic Church kinda IS the biggest RE owner in the world. )

  7. Nicholas Says:

    Come now, you’re all missing what’s really important here: in the coming years there is sure to be an appreciable increase in the number of beautiful couples attending the 4:20 festivities on the street corner below!

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