Dreaming of White Rock

Waterford Place - White Rock

It would be an interesting project to look back at Vancouver condo marketing and find out when things really started to slide into the extreme.

Specifically, I would like to know at what point did a 777 square-foot apartment in White Rock become a dream? Sure, White Rock has a nice big pier and the beach is home to a big white rock. But a dream? I don’t know when the precedent was set for this claim, but we’ve now got another case before the courts. Waterford Place in White Rock is the culprit.

The charges against this development include “granite and stainless steel kitchens, spa like bathrooms, multi layered European-style hardwood floors.” Evidence suggests the developer is targeting “discerning buyers” who “appreciate luxurious living in a truly elegant setting.”

That’s all fine and dandy but I fail to see how this dreamland is really all that different than everything else on the market. And what the hell is a “spa like” bathroom?

If you’re brave enough to visit their website, you’ll find it littered with misplaced apostrophes and clumsy copy. It also looks like the site hasn’t been updated in a year or more, judging from the claim that completion is expected by summer 2006.

Come live the dream? Sounds like this project is stuck in a coma.

9 Responses to “Dreaming of White Rock”

  1. Real Estute Says:

    I notice this developer is featuring “multi layered European-style hardwood floors” Isn’t this a fancy term for Engineered flooring? It is amazing how every boring detail has to be reworded to give it a higher value appeal.

  2. babybull40 Says:

    I will continue to dream the dream… I think my closet is bigger than 777 sq ft..

  3. Jaymo Says:

    Look at the picture of the building. It’s a f*&kin’ box. That looks so far from luxurious that one can get. Luxurious isn’t even a rumour when the architecture is as drab as that. Sheesh.

  4. scoop Says:

    The copy is particularly bad. The misspelling of “complements” as “compliments” (or vice versa) is one of my pet peeves. Aargghh. I also love the selective use of all caps for emphasis. Not just unique… UNIQUE.

  5. He beat me to it... Says:

    Yeah…what “Scoop” said. I guess Waterford Place “thanks” White Rock for allowing such sub-par advertising.

  6. Johnno Says:

    This is less of a comment about this particular critique, and more of an observation of this website on the whole. Although I find the author’s blogs entertaining, I think he/she has lost sight of what marketing is and what the underlying point is in all of these ads: to sell. Marketers generally don’t choose the site that a project is planned on…and they don’t have anything to do with the building of it. Given these constraints, I think this author should spend less time criticizing people (it’s definitely a self-therapy of sorts for this author), and instead marvelling at what these marketing companies do with sometimes less than spectacular sites or buildings. Marketing 101: push your strengths, do your best to cover your weaknesses. Unfortunately, this is the reality, and not adhering to this reality would spell disaster for condo marketing as a whole in Vancouver. That said, don’t stop…it’s entertaining…just thought I’d point this out…

  7. mk-kids Says:

    gawd, you can’t be serious johnno.

    “I think this author should spend less time criticizing people…and instead marvelling at what these marketing companies do…”

    pleez. really. get a grip.

    feel free to do that on your own blog or perhaps in your next staff meeting… i’m sure others in your biz will share the “marvelling”…

  8. Jenni Says:

    Well Johnno, I think the marketing “marvel” is that, despite a virtually limitless budget for huge full-colour ads and related horn-tooting, these dimwits are incapable of paying someone to ensure that their jargon adheres to the most basic rules of grammar and spelling.

  9. PacMan Says:

    When did White Rock drift away the Carribean???

    The water is not turquois in White Rock… False Advertising. LOL

    I couldn’t live anywhere close to the beach in white rock. It smells horrible. I would literrally be breathing seaweed all day.

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