Thinking in Port Moody

Corbeau - Port Moody, BC

I’m floored by the obliviousness of this campaign for the Corbeau rowhomes in Port Moody. It’s as if it’s half complete. Did someone forget a block of text?

“A better home. Think about it. We did.”

Intriguing. OK, I’m listening. Tell me your thoughts. I want to learn more.

“Our idea of an exceptional home is one where hundreds of design details come together perfectly — details you may not notice, but will certainly feel. It’s something we’ve thought a lot about and are very proud of a Corbeau. When you live here, you will be too.”

Yes, very nice, but that’s so vague it’s useless. So what might these details be?

“Register today.

You were right about the details I might not notice.

4 Responses to “Thinking in Port Moody”

  1. dingus Says:

    Given the incessant cawing I seem to wake up to every morning these days, I think this would have made a better poster for this development:

  2. solipsist Says:

    Nice one dingus. I was just about to post on the meaning of corbeau.

    I watch les corbeaux fly from the west to the general vicinities of North Burnaby and Port Moody every night. I always thought that it would be awful living there.

  3. dingus Says:

    Ever look to the sky as the sun sets and seen thousands (many ‘murders’ as it were) of crows in flight? There is a spot in Burnaby that serves as the overnight roost for these thousands of crows, and has done for many many years apparently. Well, it seems the crow roost is going to be a victim of the bubble and is being plowed under to make townhomes and condos (no doubt ‘luxury’ ones at that).

    Corbeau would be a perfect name for that development. As I imagine it will be many crow generations before the unlearn the urge to nest in that area, buyers will undoubtedly learn to love the dulcet tones of thousands and thousands of crows. Hope it has underground parking.

  4. Johnny33 Says:

    Please. Type Complete. Sentences.

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