Paloma uninspired

Paloma 2 Condo - Richmond, BC

The curved facade of the new Paloma 2 bares a strange resemblance to a Wavy Lays potato chip. Maybe a metaphor for the crunch of condo living?  (Yeah, I know that was weak.  I’ll try harder next time.)

Richmond’s latest “landmark” condo arrives courtesy of Regent International Developments.

For once could somebody put up a tower that isn’t characterized as a landmark? There’s gotta be a market for that. Get Rennie on it and brand it Stealth or Mystique or Camouflage. I don’t know. Just do it. Would sell like hot cakes.

I have little info on Regent but like most developers, their marketing program is on auto-pilot to the point that it begs attention to its weaknesses.

“Inspired collection. Urban connection.” That’s tagline one.

“A step above. A step beyond.” That’s tagline two.

“Yawn.” That’s me exhausted and bored.

Here’s an idea for the condo marketers: Use combinations of words that actually have meaning. Take time to write your copy. Read and re-read your copy to make sure it’s efficient, effective and error-free.

“Ideally located across Richmond Centre with RAV less then [sic] a minute away.”

That’s from the ad.  So I say again, read and re-read your copy so you know it’s error-free. I’d like to think that at $223,900 you could afford to hire a copy editor.

9 Responses to “Paloma uninspired”

  1. Andy G Says:

    They should paint a building in cadpat and call it Ninja!

    Alternatively, condos could be build 40 storeys under ground and put a park on the top. Then nobody will even know there’s a condo there. It can be marketed as earthquake proof, and terrorist proof. “If you love your freedom, buy here.”

  2. el_bubb Says:

    haha, the name of this development might not be very appealing to East European crowd since it can be literally translated as “The Ruin 2”! and the tagline “A step above. A step beyond.” makes the picture much more clear.

  3. Theorem Says:

    nice one. nothing like a landmark building in Richmond to add to the collection! It should fit in nicely with the garish and tasteless McMansions as well as the ‘oh so nice to look at’ malls of Parker Place, Landsdowne and Richomnd Center. Wow, the promise of the good life huh?

  4. solipsist Says:

    “might not be very appealing to East European crowd since it can be literally translated as “The Ruin 2″
    And in Spanish, it means pigeon. Why don’t they call it “The Flying Rat”, or “The Sh*t Hawk”?
    It gets even better when you look up “pigeon” in the dictionary:
    3. Slang
    b. a person who is easily fooled or cheated; dupe.

    The nomenclature becomes clear with that definition – the buyers are pigeons.
    A further definition from Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary:
    Pigeons are mentioned as among the offerings which, by divine appointment, Abram presented unto the Lord (Gen. 15:9). They were afterwards enumerated among the sin-offerings (Lev. 1:14; 12:6), and the law provided that those who could not offer a lamb might offer two young pigeons (5:7; comp. Luke 2:24).

    With that, we get into sacrifices and “sin-offerings”. Do you ever get the idea that the developers are laughing up their sleeves?

  5. el_bubb Says:


    Interesting, because their logo does look like a pigeon or a dove, which is a symbol of sacrifice(Christianity, freemasonry, Illuminati). Sorry for bringing conspiracy theories into discussions.

  6. Nicholas Says:

    Fine, I’m a pedant. But if you want to talk about error-free copy, the condo bears a resemblance, not bares. Frankly I agree with your synopsis, insofar as the taglines they use are so much fodder for braindead condo-buying philistines. On the other hand, why the hell should they use taglines that “have meaning?” Really now, is that good business sense? Effective marketing has little to do with conveying substantive meaning, as I imagine you’ve gathered by now if you spend your time analyzing condo ads.

  7. condohype Says:

    It took four days but Nicholas, you are the first person to point out the true joke of this post.

  8. Darius Says:

    I’ve always wanted to have a marketing campaign and call “Generica, At Common Place”, with the tagline”A heritage of Tradition”, would anyone notice? (besides here), maybe, but it would still sell out.

  9. dingus Says:

    “Generica, At Common Place”

    Excellent, truly.

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