Hub is short for hubris

The Hub - Condo in Burnaby, BC | Developed by Liberty Homes

Think of it as condo marketing as inspired by laundry detergent marketing. Honestly, for a moment I thought this was an ad for Tide.

The Hub is one of the condos up on Burnaby Mountain that make up the “UniverCity” — the unfortunately named community emerging out of Simon Fraser University‘s sell-off of its valuable mountain-top land to developers.

I don’t know much about The Hub but the ad tells me it’s “a variety of studio, one and two bedroom flats with striking modern architecture and sleek interiors.” There’s also some stuff about leading environmental standards and responsible housing backed without example or evidence.

Too bad developer Liberty Homes didn’t play up the higher education angle by choosing a more academic campaign. There’s something to be said for the ivory tower’s commitment to argument supported by reason.  It could very well be that this development is genuinely green in design.   But until I see the facts, I can only assume it’s fiction.

I don’t aim to be cynical but we are dealing with an industry that considers laminate to be a form of wood.

No word on pricing, but something tells me there’s no discount for students.

6 Responses to “Hub is short for hubris”

  1. Real Estute Says:

    I might suggest that Liberty didn’t take the liberty of including the higher education (SFU) content in the marketing of their condo project because they know students can’t afford the prices. They probably also don’t want to bill the place as a student ghetto. I like student ghettos. Used to live around one in Ottawa. The key to the ghetto concept is that its crappy and cheap.

  2. jesse Says:

    They mis-spelled “university”. Idiots.

    For those of you buying “hardwood” floors: an old trick is to use composite hardwood with only a small hardwood layer. Sand twice and you’re screwed.

  3. blueskies Says:

    one and two bedroom flats with striking modern architecture and sleek interiors.

    yeah! I struck my head on the low ceiling and slipped on the fake wood floor…. striking and sleek indeed…..

  4. Theorem Says:

    Jesse: UniverCity is the name of the new development area at Simon Fraser, it is deliberately spelled that way.

    ‘Flats’: I suppose this is the developers attempt at being European or Australian, hoping to attract that crowd?

    I get the views and recreation stuff but the sudden introduction of winter into ones life can be pretty shocking. Scraping the car, digging out after a storm etc etc, the reason a lot of people live in the west to begin with. On top of that, isn’t Simond Fraser one of the most depressing places in Canada? Apparently the suicide rate there is very high, it’s believed to have a lot to do with the lovely grey and wet structure (Arthur Erickson design if I am correct).

    From the marketing perspective (the point to the site I suppose) it’s a pretty silly attempt at being retro 70’s and picking up on the free spirit which captures those who would be interested in living at a university regardless of age and education level completed. As well, there is the ‘higher living’ point, go figure.

  5. paolo Says:

    Hmmmm. I think that “built to leading environmental standards” is meant to confuse people with LEED sustainable building codes. They are unrelated.

  6. grant Says:

    “an old trick is to use composite hardwood with only a small hardwood layer.”

    I’m not sure it counts as an “old trick”, it’s simply a different product called “engineered hardwood”.

    It’s actually more moisture resistant & much less prone to warping or getting gaps between the planks than solid hardwod. Not to mention cheaper.

    Yes it can be sanded less than hardwood, which makes its effective lifespan as perhaps 20-30 years vs. 50-70 years, but most people are aware of that when they install it.

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