When the shovel hits the fan

Advertisement for Axis Condo in Burnaby - Click to enlarge

He may be the condo king but Bob Rennie is playing joker with this stupefyingly funny campaign for a new Burnaby condo. Honestly, I can’t believe King Bob vetted this. Really, a condo named Axis? That’s enticing in all ways but none. I guess with all the success he had with the Tripartite Townhomes he couldn’t help himself.

“Buy now before the shovel hits,” demands the tagline. What happens when the shovel hits, Bob? That’s right, you’re digging a hole.

As for boasting about pre-construction pricing, that’s quite a pitch to put up in the era of the CB Developments scandal. Nothing says value like handing over your money before the job’s begun, let alone done. I guess with a name like Axis, Rennie’s betting buyers will see it as a name they can trust. Just don’t ask the Russians.

My apologies for the history references. Let’s regroup and march on over to the developer’s website:

Axis is everything you’re looking for…. Love coming home to the gracious open living space, a welcome embrace of calm, clean lines and contemporary elegance. Delight in the beautifully-appointed kitchens and baths, where attention to craftsmanship elevates good taste. Everything about Axis is designed to enhance your satisfaction — not to mention, your investment.

Hurray for Axis. Sounds like the perfect concrete cave for all those Prussian Blue fans looking for a place to rock out and bask in their own magnificence.

Here’s hoping the strata council doesn’t invade Poland.

14 Responses to “When the shovel hits the fan”

  1. solipsist Says:

    I don’t know, I would be more afeared that Bushco would mistake my home for part of the Axis of Evil and invade it, than the strata council invading Poland.

    And who cares about Metrotown when one is right across the road from the Highgate Village Mall?

  2. scoop Says:

    This is very puzzling. First off, AXIS is a harsh and ugly sounding word.

    Second, the negative geopolitical associations. Consumers too young (and uneducated?) to immediately make the WWII connection would instead call to mind Bush’s oft-parodied catchphrase from his 2002 state of the union address. Certainly no less of a negative connotation.


    Any positive associations? The most common non-political use of this word would be in reference to rotation of an object around a line. In fact the website evokes this idea in its opening animation. So what gives? Maybe the building will be constructed on a rotating platform – now that *would* be unique – but if so the website doesn’t mention it as a selling feature. Instead, we get “quality baseboards with painted finish”. Ho-hum.

  3. Real Estute Says:

    What’s with the colour scheme? Black on yellow says discount, no-name brand. The King appears to be fresh out of good marketing ideas.

  4. ThePope Says:

    black on yellow is also the international color combination of DANGER and CAUTION, which is fine if you’re into that sort of thing.

  5. blueskies Says:

    this reminds me of the classic “MAD” magazine cover that showed a cowering dog with a gun pointed at his head….

    buy this magazine or we will shoot this dog!

    needless to say sales were up…..

    good ol’ marketing

  6. greg Says:

    Phonetically, it also sounds a lot like “axes”, as in what will be taken out to chop down prices later, when the poor unfortunate souls who pre-registered are left paying the highest prices.

    Get it – chopping prices = axis.

  7. el_bubb Says:

    Buy now before the showel hits the bubble

  8. Vince McDell Says:

    I would agree…

    Horrible job in marketing a condominium situated right across the street from Highgate Village.

    However, I’ve taken full advantage of the low turnout… I picked up one of these units right away. I’ve been keeping an eye on several, including Firenze Living and Espana.

    The area definately has the potential of becoming what Downtown Vancouver calls Yaletown. With a massive new library being built… It will happen sooner than you think. Highgate Village will hold a solid reputation without a question.

  9. Blue Says:

    Not to be rude Vince – but have you went around the corner from Highgate Village to Edmonds street – not exactly Yaletown 🙂

    The dead body at the Value Village didn’t help the area and I personally wouldn’t walk down there after dark – more then a little scary.

  10. George Says:

    Actually, Vince has a good point… This area does have some great potential. And regarding Value Village, apparently a developer has already purchased that entire lot including the building.

    I expect it to be replaced by a brand new condo by 2010.

    Don’t forget Blue, before Bosa purchased the Highgate Village property, everyone doubted they could clean that area up.

    Funny thing is that I work in Burnaby and live in Yaletown right off Pacific and let me tell you it’s not that safe either. Lots of druggies come through at night. And too many male prostitutes as well. If you call this place paradise, think again. You need to spend more time here.

  11. Alex Says:

    I just hope Axis doesn’t cheap out on the materials.

    I’m expecting to see oversized windows and larger balconies.

    And according to their fine print on the website and print materials. All dimensions are estimates.

    Let’s just hope that the estimates are understated. I don’t feel they have a choice at this stage if they still have 40% to sell.

    Your thoughts?

  12. Lombardi Says:

    Let’s compare Axis Brickell out of Miami with Axis Burnaby.
    Axis out of Burnaby. “Axis is everything you’re looking for…. Love coming home to the gracious open living space, a welcome embrace of calm, clean lines and contemporary elegance. Delight in the beautifully appointed kitchens and baths, where attention to craftsmanship elevates good taste. Everything about Axis is designed to enhance your satisfaction — not to mention, your investment.”
    Axis out of Miami. “Each building is a pure prism. The minimalist design will stand out in its simplicity and sculptural quality. Horizontal bands of glass share the buildings. These bands end in an undulating edge that gives the buildings a unique (and sensual) vertical profile. The rising curves grow in intensity as the towers rise, culminating in two sloping roofs that take off in opposite directions. The form alludes to the water and the breezes that make this tropical city so special.”

  13. Alex Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  14. Ruth Says:

    Well here we are one year after and I’m living in the beautiful condominium. I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase.

    I couldn’t have expected anything more.

    The location is prime. The name “Axis” really makes sense now that I’m living here. It’s central to everything. I literally have to walk a few minutes to get to the grovery store, skytrain or doctor’s office.



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