Go root yourself

Advertisement for Origin - a condo development in Pitt Meadows, BC

Origin is a new condo development in Pitt Meadows. The marketing blitz for these “stylish, luxury condos” began about a month ago with a full-page back-cover ad in the Georgia Straight. With its minimalist orange colour scheme, Origin’s palette looks like it was stolen fresh from ING Direct. This is but one problem in this “marketing solution” engineered by the folks at MAC Marketing Solutions.

Another problem is the tagline. “Get rooted?” Yuck. Sounds like something you’d say in disrespect of someone’s mother. In fact, it’s the kind of thing you might hear replacing a swear word in an edited-for-television version of an R-rated movie. You know, like when Kevin Bacon in the TV edit of Oliver Stone’s JFK contributes “mother fletcher” to the film’s verbal potpourri.

If first impressions count, then Origin starts off on the wrong foot. Funny enough, the copy on the Origin’s website offers an opinion on this very subject:

First impressions are important and Origin’s is one of timeless elegance, thanks to West Coast-inspired architecture and enduring, natural-looking materials like timber, brick and Hardie plank siding.

“Natural-looking materials?” Oh no they didn’t. Oh no they did! You heard it here first, friends. Fibre board is now the new oak. Quick, let’s read some more copy to see if they can salvage themselves:

Origin’s ideal Pitt Meadows location offers countless urban amenities and incredible natural beauty right at your doorstep. Living at Origin will put you within a few blocks of every urban essential: Starbucks, IGA, Shoppers Drug Mart and the local Farmers Market. Start here, and go anywhere.

Go anywhere is one way of putting it. Only when I’m gone, I’ll stay gone. But I’ll be nice and give them one last chance:

The intimate community includes intuitively designed junior one-bedroom, one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus-den and two-bedroom suites – all of which deliver refrishingly versatile floor plans with anywhere from 529 to 922 square feet and spacious areas for entertaining.

“Refrishingly?” Now that’s a first impression. I wonder if the construction will match the attention to the detail demonstrated in the copy?

Am I too mean-spirited with that last remark? Not a chance. Because with a project named Origin, one thing is for sure: it’s survival of the fittest.

9 Responses to “Go root yourself”

  1. babybull40 Says:

    Intuitively I would run to the nearest tree and live there..at least that’s real wood..

  2. Theorem Says:

    i suppose putting down roots in pitt meadows is really a sign of resignation that your life will only ever get so far. At tat point in life who really cares about the spelling in an ad, perhaps these buyers will feel that this spelling is correct? maybe MAC is spelling in correctly on purpose, market research shows that this particular customer profile consistantly spells ‘refrishingly’ different than the rest of the non-drooling population?

  3. Real Estute Says:

    To think that 600 square foot “homes” are being built as far away as Pitt Meadows from the major metropolitan center really speaks to the profile of a good number of buyers out there. I concede that such small living quarters is necessary in dowtown Vancouver given the limited area to build on. But Pitt Meadows offering up this flavour? Geez.

  4. aetakeo Says:

    When builders hire ad firms that don’t use writers to create interesting – or even grammar-enabled – copy, you can be sure that they won’t respect you the morning after escrow. Of course, fleecing you out of 200K to stick you in Pitt Meadows also isn’t a huge sign of respect; but hey. I like being wooed before getting screwed, I suppose.

  5. Aleks Says:

    What exactly is “West Coast-inspired architecture”? Last time I looked, all the “architecture” around here is boring and ugly. And judging by their artist’s rendering, that is indeed what they’re going for. They might as well have said “Inspired by the retirement home you stuck your grandma in while she waits to die. Origins in Pitt Meadows: when you’re ready to admit defeat, we’ll be here.”

  6. Paul Says:

    My favourite part is where it says “Pitt Meadows, home to the fastest rising property values in the Lower Mainland.”

    Is that supposed to be a feature? Also, I didn’t know “Lower Mainland” was a proper noun.

  7. blueskies Says:

    “refrishingly” ?!

    only in “Pitts Meadows” !

    even our dog will only piss on real wood (trees)

    great post!!

  8. jesse Says:

    “Get Rooted.” How ironically apropos. This sh*t writes itself.

  9. aussie Says:

    LoL – in Australia, “getting rooted” means “getting f*****”.

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