Compass pressure

Advertisement for Compass - Cloverdale, BC

This ad for the Cloverdale-based Compass apartments showed up recently and it may be the most explicitly high-pressure condo ad since Mosaic brought us Coho II.

Taking a page out of the Robert Cialdini playbook and pushing the scarcity principle to the max, Compass is all about making you feel like you’re on the verge of an opportunity lost. The ad shows a random assortment of “buyers” who offer quotes so contrived they belong in a screenwriting master class on how not to write dialogue. Just listen to these beauties:

Hiking trails, wineries, roadside produce stands… all within minutes of my new Compass Apartment!”

Phase 1 sold out so fast! No way I’m missing out on Phase 2!”

I’ll be mere steps from Starbucks, Extra Foods and Shoppers. What a location!”

Spacious, open layouts; fabulous finishings; minutes to my route to work. We’re definitely buying a Compass Apartment.

As if this isn’t enough, the copy ratchets up the steam to make sure the message isn’t lost along the way:

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of missing out on something we really wanted because we didn’t act fast enough. Rarely do you get a second chance to get that ‘something.’ Opening today, this is your last chance to buy Compass Apartment! Avoid that sinking feeling again. Register Now!

Well, I’ve got a sinking feeling but it’s not because I missed the chance to shower the developer with my borrowed money. It’s the fact that this ad never reveals what I’m actually missing. The special ‘something’ that is for sale is never really made clear. OK it’s an apartment. But what?

But nothing. Hype is beyond reality and there is no reality to this ad. What’s the square footage? No mention. How many bedrooms? No suggestion. What’s the warranty? No idea.

So what does this all add up to?

Compass is now sold out.

8 Responses to “Compass pressure”

  1. Asun Says:

    I don’t understand all these condo/apt developments so far out. Condos are great for downtown core where all the amenities are close by. Maybe there’s a case for condos in Richmond or Metrotown, but condos in Langley, Wack or Cloverdale? What am I missing here?

  2. Skye Says:

    Clearly you’re missing out on Phase 2, Asun. Get ready for that sinking feeling?

  3. Asun Says:

    No way, I’m still holding out for the new condo development in Hope, haven’t you heard? It’s going to double in price before completion.

  4. dingus Says:

    Well, if you miss the boat on that Hope development, there’s always the prospect of a Manhattan vibe in Tulameen.

  5. mohican Says:

    This development is pretty decent as far as Cloverdale goes. Amenities are only across the street and transit access is pretty good. Obviously the marketing ploy worked because it is sold out.

    That said, there are two reasons why this development is sold out:
    1) it is the only place in the area for less than $250,000 – which is about the maximum most dual income first time buyers can afford
    2) speculators, speculators, speculators – i have it on good authority that over half the units went to “investors” and not end users – these people are hoping to make a quick profit and will likely lose their shirts – good riddance

  6. duran Says:

    dingo – there’s not even a manhattan vibe to look forward to… remember, it’s manhattan’s ugly cousin mahattan

  7. Londonernow Says:

    Close to Starbuck?!? Everywhere is close to a Starbucks! Now if it said no Starbucks within 3 miles, I’d be in.

  8. jim Says:

    Surrey, right? Yech!

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