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Advertisement for d’Corize condo tower in Surrey, BC

Some weeks ago, condohype reader Asun asked if I would offer up some thoughts on d’Corize, the 21-storey condo tower in Surrey marketed as the city’s “next majestic landmark.” I’ve been wanting to the lay the boots to this one for a while now, but it’s been a matter of finding the right time. With a special “VIP Preview” happening in Surrey this afternoon — backed by a “special advertising feature” in today’s Vancouver Sun — the time has come.

Asking buyers to “rize” above the Centre (and check their dictionary at the door), developer Newgen Whalley Properties passionately describes d’Corize as a project of “quality view homes” located in Central Surrey’s “most desirable neighbourhood.”

In the interest of accuracy, I will tell you that the neighbourhood in question is Whalley but I understand why the mavens at Platinum Project Marketing Group wouldn’t want to mention that. (Yeah, Platinum’s got the contract on this one.)

Now, notwithstanding the questionable “desirability” of the back-pack man at the bottom of the ad — is he using his pack to carry textbooks or his B&E equipment for a home invasion? — there’s nothing too obviously unattractive about what we can see. Of course, the marketers of d’Corize didn’t show what’s across the street:

Image of an abandoned duplex in a lot adjacent to the d’Corize condo site in Surrey, BC.

This photo, published in the April 25, 2007 edition of Surrey’s Now Newspaper, speaks to the majesty of the d’Corize neighbourhood. It’s an abandoned, filth-infested duplex complete with derelict furniture in the yard and derogatory graffiti on the walls. Who’s owner of this paradise? Newgen Whalley Properties.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from Now reporter Tom Zytaruk:

A vacant duplex at the northeast corner of 134th Street and 104th Avenue — owned by the developer of the d’Corize tower project [Surrey Mayor Dianne] Watts is due to launch today — has been driving local residents around the bend for many months now.

“It’s terrible,” said Vern, an elderly neighbour who asked that his last name not be published.

“You wouldn’t believe what we’ve went through with that over there.”

It gets better.

Despite a chain-link fence surrounding the place, the mess has crept into a city-owned wooded lot to the immediate north, where nests of grubby cushions and a board shelter look to be radiating disease.

Residents of the Mayflower Co-op tower next door look down from their windows and see couples having sex in a grassy area behind their building, Vern added. Out front, rats are digging holes in the flowerbeds.

Vern shakes with frustration as he tells the Now that Whalley is getting worse, despite the spin from developers and Surrey city hall.

And better.

On Monday, a company called Enviro-vac was busy removing asbestos from the duplex. One of the workers, Lewis Brunelle, stared at the house as though he were a soldier bracing for the signal to go over the top.

“I’m not looking forward to going in there,” he said.

There be needles.

And poo.

“They used it as a toilet, so you don’t want to got [sic] in there,” Brunelle warned.

Radiating disease. Rats. Sex in a grassy area. Asbestos. Poo. All characteristics of a desirable neighbourhood, yes?

According to a Platinum spokesperson, the hope for d’Corize is “to attract sophisticated buyers who are seeking the long term durability that is associated with concrete construction as well as investors who see the value of quality and a great location.”

I should end this before I laugh myself silly.

To pre-register for the homes in d’Corize, visit www.dcorize.ca or call 604-580-3267.

18 Responses to “d’Corize this”

  1. solipsist Says:

    Say, is that a granite chair?

  2. blueskies Says:


    d’Corize? or maybe deo’Dorize

  3. babybull40 Says:

    granite and poo.. very desriable… I’ll take one to go.. thanks

  4. jesse Says:

    Surrey Memorial is more than a 15 minute walk away according to their map on the website. That’s a long way to go after being robbed and stabbed. Interesting that other than parks and Skytrain, the big H is the only other landmark on the map; WTF?

  5. asun Says:

    Jesse, are you saying that vacant duplex is not a landmark?

  6. mk-kids Says:

    omg jesse! so funny!

  7. jesse Says:

    I think you will find the duplex is not technically 100% “vacant.” Marking all vacant duplexes in Whalley would have probably been more effort than the cartographer cared to spend.

  8. Rob Cottingham » condohype mops the (inlaid marble) floor with condominium marketers Says:

    […] and Patina (definition: a thin surface appearance). Here the blog takes on the developer behind d’Corize: Asking buyers to “rize” above the Centre (and check their dictionary at the door), developer […]

  9. Mike Says:

    The mentioned duplex is now gone, it will be replaced by nice developments. Don’t frighten others who will be moving to the neighborhood.

  10. Tony Says:

    I agree with what Mike said on June 1st. That area is getting better and many people are considering moving to the area which is so convenient. It takes less an hour to go to Vancouver downtown by skytrain. I work in Vancouver downtown, but cannot afford buy a suite there. So this is my choice buying the d’cortze.

  11. Peter Says:

    Good News. Construction of this new project will begin on July 10, 2007 as informed by the developer who is considering building another project across the street. Next to it is Optima Living. Behind it will be a church and a high rise building for seniors. Isn’t it great.

  12. Do your research.... Says:

    That whole area is a bunch of garbage and heaps of crap right now – but that’s exactly what allows people to buy in at such cheap prices – the entire Whalley area has been rezoned and developers own virtually every vacant slum and open land – meaning all of this is going to be excavated and built up within the next few years. Surrey is the fastest growing city, and has more cash being thrown at it than any city in the Lower Mainland has ever experienced ($800 million from one developer, $600 million from another, not to mention the additional 22 skyrises that have been granted building permits over the next 5 years, which amounts to billions of dollars).

    It’s easy enough to make cracks about the neighbourhood because as it currently stands it is the armpit of the Lower Mainland, but I would expect a site/blogger that is dedicated to the discussion of new developments to at least present all the facts, not just subjective views.

    Granted I can’t imagine there would be any overnight change in the community, but that much investment and development will improve the entire area (and fatten the wallets of those smart enough to get in at the get go).

  13. condohype Says:

    “…I would expect a site/blogger that is dedicated to the discussion of new developments to at least present all the facts, not just subjective views.”

    This blog is as objective as the condo ads are honest.

  14. Cooling the heat of the hype « condohype Says:

    […] it was only a few months ago that saw Platinum pitching the d’Corize condo in crime-plagued Whalley as a “majestic landmark” in Central Surrey’s “most […]

  15. eric Says:

    you dont’ believe in transformation at all, do you ?

  16. Michael Says:

    I believe in transformation and firmly belive that Whalley has been improved a lot and in 2 years time, when more professional and educated new groups moving in, it will be a fantastic place to live in.

  17. Erik Says:

    I wonder the same as eric lol
    Sure I will give you Surrey use to be a hole
    but its deffently growing to a beautful downtown area
    and there is so much plans for surrey centre alone there was 51 plans as of last month
    and like someone said before that so called run down place is being replace with the urban village area
    all that land is in there plans the ultra tower is just part of the first phase

  18. Yakpi Says:

    January, 2009

    Due to severe economic downturn, Newgen Central Properties Inc. sold its joint venture interest in d’Corous project with Surrey City Development Corporation. Newgen sold its interest to its partner, City of Surrey.

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