Taming the tiger

Mandalay Residences - Richmond, BC

I’d like to think that I came up with that cool headline, but credit goes to the Vancouver Sun. They profiled the condo I’m looking at today — Cressey’s Mandalay Residences in Richmond — about nine months ago. Before you fret that I’m running out of content and resorting to old news, you should know that this is a deliberate editorial choice.

Today’s hype would have us believe that opportunities are running in short supply, that the market has no place for the contemplative buyer. Not so with Mandalay. You could’ve contemplated having a child and actually carried it out, start to finish. With more than nine months since pre-sales opened up, residences at Mandalay are still up for grabs.

Of course, you might not know this if all you consulted was the mainstream media. Like a good arsonist, they’re quick to start the fire and flee the scene. On July 15, 2006 in the Sun’s business section, the headline proclaims “Pre-sale interest high in Richmond development.” Quoted in the article is Cressey vice-president Hani Lammam, who offers up this deliciously ironic gem:

We really stepped up the quality on these projects, and buyers are telling us that’s what they want.

Stepped up the quality? What, like as opposed to the “stepped down” quality of Cressey’s previous developments? (Things get funnier when the Sun reporter goes on to list “stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, solid wood cabinets and hardwood flooring” as examples of Mandalay’s “stepped up” quality.)

I’ll leave it to the bulls and bears to debate whether Mandalay is a good investment. For me, I’ll just take pleasure in being hip to the hype. Oh, and remember my theory from a few days ago about the use of the word luxury? I think we’ve got a record here: Four uses in the first 21 words, or roughly 20 percent of the copy. Maybe the writer lost his/her thesaurus?

5 Responses to “Taming the tiger”

  1. jesse Says:

    If they are using letterpress for some of their marketing brochures, they probably get a discount for using “x” wherever possible. Now THAT is thinking outside the box.

  2. jesse Says:

    I mean outside the shoebox

  3. babybull40 Says:

    Just curious as to where all the land is coming from? I thought there was no room for more development.. I guess I was wrong there..

  4. Johnny33 Says:

    Oh snap… you better hurry! 15 units sold last month alone!! At that pace they’ll sell out in a couple years!

  5. huh? Says:

    ‘Luxury Concrete’ isn’t a coupling I’m familiar with. Every floor plan places the entry in the kitchen, some greet visitors with an additonal bathroom. Pride of plumbing?

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