Scooter symphony

Dolce Symphony Place - Vancouver

If you’re like me, you spilled your coffee all over the table when you came across this ad on page K13 of today’s Vancouver Sun. It’s a three-quarter page placement for Dolce Symphony Place — a condo property purported to provide access to “the sweet life just steps away from Robson.”

Indeed, this is true — Dolce is sweetly located within a block of what some would call Canada’s equivalent to Rodeo Drive. But if the old cliché holds that a picture says a thousand words, then this ad says some funny things.

You see that purple and white train car in the bottom left? That’s a commuter train and I can tell you right now, there ain’t no railyard “just steps away” from Robson Street. Most Lower Mainland residents could tell you right away that that train is the West Coast Express and this image is most likely snapped in Gastown. Either somebody gave the photographer the wrong address or this is yet another example of how reality has no place in Vancouver condo marketing.

I love the discomforted look of the male passenger. It’s even better because you know the Vespa is at a stand-still, probably supported by the kick-stand cropped out at the base of the image. But props to Solterra for putting the male as the passenger. On an intertextual level, this is a cute jab at the gender politics featured in the most recent ad for The Zone which I looked at a few days ago.

For the interested, you can register at the Dolce website for more information. Those on the registration list are eligible to win a Vespa. Now I’m not encouraging anything but it would be pretty sweet if a condohype reader won. If that happens, I’ve got a stylish condohype t-shirt ready to be worn to the prize pickup.

7 Responses to “Scooter symphony”

  1. Mark A Says:

    Couldn’t help wondering where it is in Vancouver that hip young gunslingers such as these are allowed to ride their scooters WITHOUT A FREAKING HELMET.

  2. aetakeo Says:

    Aww, condohype. You had me at “On an intertextual level…”

  3. blueskies Says:

    speaking of intertextual…. wondering why you can’t see his hands?

  4. jesse Says:

    That dude’s old enough to be her… at least we know where the downpayment is coming from.

  5. babybull40 Says:

    That “discomforted look” of the male passenger is more than likely gas.. And his hands are around the driver ..

  6. Hypester Says:

    Hopefully they throw in an umbrella for the Vespa winner for the 355 other non sunny days “livin the good life”.And the chains in the backgroung probably come with it as well, to chain it up when you park it .Whens the last time you say a dude dressed like that or a lady like that riding a scooter?Where did these the clowns who compile this stuff go to “advert” school ?

  7. Geezer Says:

    Jessie said “That dude’s old enough to be her… at least we know where the downpayment is coming from.

    Give the guy a break, if he’s wealthy would you really expect him to hang out with some tired, fat broad that looks old enough to be his wife?

    Also, If the scooter is supposed to be moving how the hell did she avoid the chain right behind them, perhaps she’s in reverse!

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