Luxury is in the details

Keystone - Your Life, Your Home

Not wanting to fall into a trap of repeated Surrey bashing — two posts so far and this blog isn’t even two weeks old — I’m hucking today’s quips to the northeast. Pack the bags, kids. It’s time to visit Pitt Meadows, the natural place to grow. (That’s the district’s official slogan, not my editorial judgment.)

For all you folks hurling the hype that there’s never been a better time to buy, I ask you to explain value-for-money in spending $319,900 for a 1,000 square-foot box in Pitt Meadows.

Welcome to Keystone.

Apparently, at least as far as MAC Marketing Solutions is concerned, the luxury of Keystone is in the details. Details including a washer and dryer, wood cabinets and tiled entries and bathrooms. If you haven’t fainted yet from all the opulence, you better not risk it by learning that Keystone also provides buyers with parking stalls. Two of them.

Your life. Your home.

Your money.

12 Responses to “Luxury is in the details”

  1. babybull40 Says:

    1000 sq foot box.. Now that’s advertising..And the parking stalls.. got to love that… how do they expect anyone to buy into such a ludicrous idea?
    That’s not opulence.. that’s plain stupidity…

  2. blueskies Says:

    do the “details” also include a level floor and plumb walls?

  3. swirlyman Says:

    I guess RE marketers determined some time ago that you can’t sell a condo unless you describe it as a “luxury condo”. Using the “L” word also gives you permission to triple the asking price.
    I wonder, how much to these copy writers get paid?

  4. e Says:

    Pittmeadows? Wow, I’d rather get a $312k 1330sq ft townhome in Surrey for that price. (2 years old btw).

  5. erin Says:

    Wow – it even comes with its own sink. If someone thinks that’s a luxury amenity, then they deserve to be taken in by this racket.

  6. swirlyman Says:

    If I was some rich guy looking for true luxury, and wanting to live in a place that stands out from the rest, why would I settle for granite countertops and stainless steel appliances? These days, those are ubiquitous.
    Let’s see some condos or townhomes with platinum countertops, and silver appliances…now we’re talking luxury!

  7. David Lereah Says:

    Perhaps one can now also be bold AND move to the suburbs?

    As swirlyman said, these “luxury ammenities” are now ubiquitous; i soon expect the listed ammenities on these glossy ads to include every standard feature of a modern house, but with a luxurious spin.

    – Dual Mode Light Actuators (light switches)
    – Mechanically controlled suite entry system (doorknob/lock)
    – Ceiling stabilization system (walls)
    – Electron flow receptacles in every room (outlets)
    – intrusive felsic igneous rock kitchen surfacing (granite countertops)

  8. ** ego ** Says:

    Here is a gem:

    “Richmond holds the secret to a long life”

    This is the slogan you will see in monster size, when you visit the Wall Centre Richmond presentation centre at 8440 Bridgeport Rd.

    Buy a condo in Richmond and you will live 2 years longer than people in any other country in the world! (they really say this at the presentation centre)

  9. blueskies Says:

    and you will live 2 years longer than

    coincidentally the builder offers a 27 year mortgage….

  10. dingus Says:

    “Buy a condo in Richmond and you will live 2 years longer than people in any other country in the world! ”

    Yes, but you have to spend those 2 years in your car waiting for someone who’s head doesn’t go above the seat rest work up the courage to turn left.

  11. Clarke Says:

    Wow. Only $319k for 1000 feet in Pitt Meadows…..I guess the lifestyle alone is worth $200k.

  12. Bubblepopper Says:

    Oh the irony. The MAC Marketing Solutions website linked to in this article doesn’t work on my Mac.
    Can’t scroll to the links on the nav bar.

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