Get into the grüv

Editor’s note: For maximum enjoyment, please turn up your computer’s volume, open a new window to and allow the music to play. Then promptly return here and read the post below. Thank you.

Gruv - Surrey City Living

Are they gasping at the price or the realization that their car’s been stolen? Again.

Faster than a Honda Civic gets jacked from a Whalley parking lot, the folks at Overture Living and Platinum Marketing have shovelled up Gruv. No wait. My mistake. It’s grüv.

Whatever it is, here’s what the web copy says:

Own your grüv for less than you pay for rent. Über cool brand new 1 and 2 bedroom condos and ultra funky lofts! You’re next to Central City Shopping, the new SFU campus, and Skytrain to get you anywhere else in record time.

Grüvy floorplans. Grüvy prices. Get into the grüv early. Register Today.

Notice the limited the mention of Surrey. The ad mentions Surrey twice, only once on its own and there’s no talk of Surrey in the web copy at all. Then there’s the tip-toe work with “Central City Shopping” and “the new SFU campus.” The omission of the Surrey moniker isn’t a mistake. It’s focus group research at its finest.

Then there’s my personal favourite, the travel time estimate to other parts of the city. Thanks to the Skytrain, grüv empowers owners to get to where they gotta go in “record” time. Record time? What is that?

Also, why is “Today” in “Register Today” capitalized when it’s not a proper name or the first word in the sentence? Why is it acceptable to combine the words “desirable” and “Surrey” and not be charged a fine? Why does lifestyle marketing make me so ill? What the hell is with this terrible music?!

I think I’m gonna püke.

9 Responses to “Get into the grüv”

  1. babybull40 Says:

    just… They must think that all the “gruvy” people won’t notice their errors of advertising.. Got to love the look on their faces.. Yup I think they realized that their Honda was stolen.. he he

  2. blueskies Says:

    Are they gasping at the price or the realization that their car’s been stolen? Again.

    good question! or the same kind of reaction when you discover a “meth lab” next door…..

    too bad i don’t know how to put an umlaut on the “e” in “meth”

  3. Real Estute Says:

    Surrey is a bit like Hyundai. Although the Pony ensured everyone would forever associate the Korean automaker with crappy cars, they actually make some very nice automobiles that many consider to be on par with Japanese manufacturers. It seems Surrey just can’t shake the drug-dealing whalley reputation. The city does actually have some very nice areas.

  4. Hypester Says:

    Yes Surrey has some good areas but Whalley is hardly one of them. If we could get our judges to lock up some of the goofs who hang around the streets in the aera of these new “Lifestyle” condos that would be a start. But then again maybe proximity to the local strip clubs, beer dens, pawn shops and King George Ho’s is a lifestle choice. Won’t see that in their “buy into the dream ” BS. Who believes this crap anyway ! Got to make you wonder about human nature. Fleecing the “sheep”, I guess is what it is all about.

  5. seatowne Says:

    Love that unpleasantly surprised look, like something scary just crawled out of the drain. Also, they both look around 18, especially her. Maybe that’s who they’re marketing to now – start nagging your parents for a downpayment kids. Agree with you about the lifestyle crap. They’re really selling you sex and friends – plenty of good looking friends having fun filled nights of pillow fights and red wine – freak! red wine with all that new flooring and counter tops to stain.

  6. Jabba the hut Says:

    I am very familiar with some of this negative rhetoric. It’s a shame they’ve projected such a bleak portrait. I’m sure it is a really nice area to live in.

  7. Prefered User Says:

    People living in this part of the town do not own Honda’s!

  8. Lieconoemexome Says:

    Tahnks for posting

  9. bite me your not getting it Says:

    Dude I don’t know why your so hard on Surrey. I have lived here my whole life and sure its had its rough times but now it is booming and become a great place. It could be the fact your just scared a suburb is taking all the nicer looking places away from Vancouver and your jealous about that or it could be your just and idiot who doesn’t know how to look past the past. Either way grow up. I’m sure this place is gonna be a great add on to the new metro area of the lower mainland.

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