A condo you can really love

Donovan - Get intimate with Donovan

Taking a look at the campaign for Donovan — yet another “cityhome” in Vancouver’s “happening” Yaletown — I couldn’t help but be reminded of a hilarious spoof ad that once showed up on Saturday Night Live. Entitled “Mercury Mistress” in reference to a new-model car, the ad takes sexuality in automobile advertising to its fullest conclusion. The ad shows it’s not enough to just use sex to sell the car. Instead, consumers are invited to have sex with the car. (The curious can watch the controversial clip here.)

Now it’s completely fair to say condo ownership could work to facilitate sexual activity. Typically a room — commonly, but not always, a bedroom — is used to complete intimate practices. I’m hip to that scene, yo. But Donovan asks something else. For buyers, it’s about getting intimate with Donovan:

Get intimate with Donovan….Yaletown convenience. Warm contemporary design & sexy urban style. Geothermal air-conditioning & heating to save money & the environment. Cressey constructed. Get to know Donovan.

Intimacy begins at $369,000. If you want to go all the way, get ready to pick up a tab of $2.1 million.

For a bonus laugh, take a look at how the Vancouver Sun puts the spin on Donovan’s bargain price:

With Cressey asking an average square-foot price of $699, a Donovan residence is expensive absolutely, but not relatively or comparatively. (February 10, 2007)

Now that’s pillow talk, baby.

5 Responses to “A condo you can really love”

  1. ThePope Says:

    And while you’re getting intimate with their website don’t forget to check out the soap-opera (in their ‘media’ section).. I never made it past the first two episodes, but wow man! Just wow!


    Love the site CondoHype!

  2. blueskies Says:

    otherwise known as “Humping the Donovan”…….

  3. scoop Says:

    There might be more than a twinge of regret the next morning when Donovan, not looking quite so sexy anymore, reminds you how much you agreed to pay him.

  4. hminhas Says:

    First of all, I love the blogs and comments and there are some good ones out there.

    However, it seems a lot of you do not purchase real estate do you? The key is always in timing. It may seem ridiculous to pay 700 a sq.ft but when you compare it to San Fran, New York we are quite far behind. You can say we are not San Fran of New York but I know many of them who come here and purchase because they believe the quality of life is better, the location is superb, and you have 4 season lifestyle. It is only time till Vancouver is unconvered to the world.

    Purchase a home that you want, that you can hold on and sell it when necessary and you will never go wrong.

  5. Oh James « condohype Says:

    […] Creek. It’s built by Cressey and marketed by MAC. In the past, they copulated to bring us Donovan. Like Donovan, James is pitched as a condo that’s worth getting to know. But in lieu of […]

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