The wealthy and the cutlery

The Robert Ledingham Collection

Marketing homes to wealthy people is a different game. If you’re gonna convince someone to spend seven figures, your pitch needs to go beyond granite countertops, nine foot ceilings and access to “amenities.” Close-ups of frothy lattes and the smiling faces of sexually vivacious urban professionals also have little sway on the rich. (For sales below one million, these elements seal the deal and often prompt a waiting list.)

No, when dealing with the million-plus buyer, you need to focus on what counts:

The cutlery.

Introducing the Robert Ledingham Collection at Stirling House. To solicit your interest to spend $1.15 million, please enjoy an image of two open drawers, some napkins, glasses and plates, and two forks cuddled in a delicate embrace. It is this exquisite styling that reflects “a refined, understated elegance that is Mr. Ledingham’s trademark.”

There are no words.

8 Responses to “The wealthy and the cutlery”

  1. blueskies Says:

    1716 Theology Mall

    OMG…. you know who lives there?!!

    Like the one and only BIG GUY!!!!!

  2. Catherine Says:

    Well, if they just put the floorplan on the ad, no one would buy it!

    Who keeps their cutlery ready-wrapped in the napkins with rings? And none of it’s silver. For the price it should be at least silverplated….if not platinum.

    Wonder if anyone has yet to figure out how to keep the water out? Leaky condos haven’t exactly gone away, not from the number of tarps on newish bldgs. If someone actually made a true breakthrough, maybe they could advertise THAT instead of cheap crockery in under-sized cupboard systems.

  3. babybull40 Says:

    according to this advertisement.. “it’s a rare opportunity’.. Better get on that right away.. Wouldn’t want the good silver(silver-coated) to tarnish…lol ..oh I like the part that says” But The Care and Attention are Microscopic..ROFL…

  4. CSB Says:

    I think they should add that the “microsopic care is so thick you can cut it with a knife.”

  5. solipsist Says:

    There seems a certain bit of mis-speak in that “microscopic care” line. Mindless copy-writing simplified for the mindless money.

    Other ways of expressing microscopic include tiny, miniscule, really little, vanishingly small, invisible to the naked eye, very hard to discern, of little, or no consequence, etc.

    It makes me think of neuro-linguistic programming – of which I have only a cursory interest and knowledge of – wherein the truth is always there if you know how to listen. I think the truth is that soon after the warranties expire, there will be a bunch of million dollar leaking condo’s, built by unskilled labour.

    It sounds good though.

  6. blueskies Says:

    i think the question to ask is: how much do they care?

    they care so little you need a microscope to discern it……

  7. aetakeo Says:

    Oh, there are words. Two words, to be exact. One starts with an F and rhymes with “duck”. The other is OFF.

  8. Crescent of contempt « condohype Says:

    […] As the Robert Ledingham Collection at Stirling House proved with its “cutlery-love” campaign, marketing to rich people demands close-ups of objects that most of us consider trivial in the context of buying a home. Crescent West, a luxury development coming soon to UBC, revels in its fascination with the ridiculous. Never mind the 2,000+ square feet of the floor plans, the focus of Crescent West’s advertising is a pillow and a well-upholstered chair. […]

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