Surrey’s next top model is a rowhouse


Nothing screams cheap like an ad campaign that relies on weak parody to grab attention. Aside from the potentially disturbing stereotypes likely to flare up when one considers what Surrey’s next top model might actually look like, it doesn’t help when the comparison is made to a rowhome. Allow me to introduce KEW, where I’m told “old world architecture surrounds spacious modern interiors.”

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid mentioning Surrey in any aspect of your brand. Even the city’s community newspaper found a way around it. It’s no accident that it’s simply called The Now. But I guess this is a lesson lost on the developer of KEW who proudly shouts the name of the car theft capital of North America at the top of its latest ad.

2 Responses to “Surrey’s next top model is a rowhouse”

  1. Hypester Says:

    Hells Bells !People lined up to buy up phase 1 and 2 ( now sold out)of “Quattro “in beautiful uptown Newton, with platial views of drug dealers, needles, hookers and the King George Hwy. It’s at least close to the community police station.Possession dates (not to be confused with the local drug dealers) two years down the road. Hope I’m still around when all this insanity comes crashing down.

  2. Unbiased Says:

    Hey genius – Quattro’s not in Newton. Good attempt at pretending you know what you’re talking about, but it’s actually in Whalley. Not to mention ‘platial’ is not even a word. I agree that it’s a crap location but considering the opportunity for assignments of the condos is allowing people to flip them at a 15% ROI made in just a few months, it’s been a pretty solid investment for some. You can piss your money away buying overpriced property in downtown that will no longer increase in value at a rate above inflation, or you can drop your preconceived notion of what the rest of the Fraser Valley lacks and actually cash in (despite the hookers and crackheads, who will undoubtedly be forced into another cranny as investment pours into these rundown neighbourhoods).

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