Modernist living means not using a tripod


Going up at Scotia and 2nd, Jacobsen bills itself as modern “urbanist flat” offering a “modernist aesthetic and functionality to maximize your living experience.” Did I mention it’s modern?

What urbanism and modernism have to do with an unfinished floor and a hand-me-down piece of Ikea furniture I may never understand. I’d love to have been in on the brainstorm session that resulted in this gem. Somebody reads this the wrong way and these are the most expensive grey pants and brown shoes ever peddled out of an East Van address. I wonder why they opted not to show the window-walls?

Two-bedroom suites begin at a modern $529,000. Yippie.

2 Responses to “Modernist living means not using a tripod”

  1. CSB Says:

    It’s nice how they conflate modernism with urbanism.. heheh.. considering that modernism is long dead, it’s just another way of saying “same old boxy s—“.

  2. vs-3 Says:

    ha ha.. excellent subject line! i find this campaign hilarious. the pictures on the website are laughable. the chair in the alley looking at the moss covered graphiti is my fave.

    i get the feeling that some youngster @ intracorp was given a chair and a digi cam and was told to spend a day taking pics of the chair in various modern vancouver environments. surprised they didnt include a pic of the chair on a cell phone doing the downward dog at a yoga class.

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